Pep Guardiola, Lionel Messi & Proving your Worth.

Howard wonders why only Pep Guardiola has to prove himself to football journalists.Get that Citeh bingo card out. It’s been a busy week. The greatest footballer there has ever been wants to come to the Premier League, and that has to be a good thing, right? What a...

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Lionel Messi: What Price For The Total Footballer?

Ste wonders is you can put a price on the ultimate footballer.Highlighting statistics regarding Lionel Messi in order to justify the huge sums needed to dislodge him from Barcelona is a thoroughly futile endeavour. After all, we all know who he is and what he can do....

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Lionel Messi: The Impossible Dream

Could it be? Howard considers the impossible - Lionel Messi in a Manchester City shirt.It’s not the despair. I can take the despair. It’s the hope I can’t stand. No. Surely not? It can’t happen, can it? The best player of his generation – surely not? No, not Bruno...

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Howard pays tribute to his favourite Manchester City player.It wasn’t supposed to end this way. Not like this. Anything but this. We couldn’t say our goodbyes in person, due to a virus that has changed everyone’s lives. There are bigger issues in the world, so it was...

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No One Likes Us. Do We Care?

ACAS is done and dusted and City undoutedbly won. But Mark Meadowcroft says that dwelling on a victory in court would be very unwise. We need to keep winning on the pitch and - sometimes through gritted teeth - being gracious to those who have not shown the same...

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Joao Cancelo’s Quiet, But Steady Season

Dan argues that Joal Cancelo has been no flop in his debut season at City.Who has been Manchester City’s best defensive player this season? In past seasons, the answer may have been debated, but that was due to there being several good options to choose from. This...

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