Empty Seats: Change The Record, Pep.

Pep's latest bemusement at empty seats is not acceptable.(Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty)Even those you love dearest have their imperfections. Unconditional love is tough, but can still be achieved whilst admitting flaws in those you worship. It could be their...

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My Favourite Football Photos

I hate Facebook. I really do. And yet every day, there I am, scrolling through the same timelines with the same photos and the same arguments. Then there’s the trends, or challenges. “I bet none of my friends will share this..”.Damn right I won’t, sod off. But for...

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Bernardo Silva in midfield is working. Or is it?

Dan takes a look at an erratic season for the Portuguese maestro.(Photo by Michael Steele/Getty)Bernardo Silva’s season at Manchester City so far has seen its fair share of peaks and valleys when it comes to his level of performance. Bernardo started the year off...

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The Curious Case Of Manchester City At Old Trafford

Dan examines City's excellent record at Old Trafford.(Photo by Andrew Yates/AFP)It used to be one of the most intimidating places to play in world football, on par with the reputation that’s associated with Anfield now. Yet, the mystique associated with playing at Old...

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The Stats Are Clear: Nicolas Otamendi Needs To Go

It will surprise few that Nicolas Otamendi's time at City should be coming close to an end.(Photo by Clive Mason/Getty)It’s safe to say Manchester City have had their fair share of issues in their defensive line this season. Much of that has stemmed from the loss of...

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Football & My Hopes For 2020

Howard tells us his hopes for 2020.(Photo by Andrew Yates/AFP)And so as another eventful year ends, we head into 2020, a new decade full of hope, expectation, and a bit of dread, as per usual. The world’s gone a bit weird, but as always, football keeps ploughing along...

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