An independent podcast covering all the latest happenings at Manchester City Football Club. We’re unofficial. Not endorsed. Still fanatically dedicated. Alternative radio podcasting.

Why pay for a podcast? 93:20 Player is the most comprehensive Manchester City podcast coverage around. Everything from match reviews, transfer round ups, plus a host of specials from History Pods to hard-hitting, impartial FFP specials and top tier guests, featuring the likes of Marti Perarnau, Pol Ballus, Graham Hunter and many other respected voices from around the game. The most up-to-date content every week. 263 shows in 2023, including a free live show, with free samples of every podcast and a free weekly show for everyone. Let’s aim for 300 shows in 2024!

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It’s important to note that the shows WILL NOT appear in Soundcloud.  You’ll be free to stream them from our website or click HERE to install the 93:20 Player on your phone or device.