93:20 Player

The long talked about 93:20 subscription service has finally arrived. From 1st August for £4 per month, or the cost of a pint at most Premier League grounds, you’ll be able to access the entirety of the content we release.

Why pay when there’s so many free to air podcasts? We believe there’s nothing as comprehensive as 93:20 available anywhere. Just a taste of some of the shows we’ll be doing:


Every game, every week.  Whether it’s the Premier League, the Champions League, or the domestic cups.  The team will review matches in their own unique style.  No more having to wade through 40 minutes of someone else’s podcast to catch three minutes of biased analysis from so-called professionals.  The review shows will be the ONLY place to get your post match thoughts on all things City related.


Will be our flagship tactical show for all the football tactical hipsters amongst us.  Whether you’re interested in Pep’s use of inverted full backs or Mourinho’s use of the tried and trusted kick and rush tactic this will be the show for you. We’ll try and provide both a broad view of the season as whole, and also individual games as the season unfolds.


Howard Hockin’s Agenda show will return.  An irreverent look at the mainstream media’s treatment of Manchester City.  Whether you believe there’s an Agenda against City or you just like to laugh at the way the media portray the sport we all love so dearly, this will be the show for you.


Sick of listening to the biased drivel that is the mainstream media’s Premier League podcasts?  This is the show for you.  We’ll look across the league each week and pick out the results, games, and stories that have caught our eye.  Football may well be tribal and rivalries may well be its life blood, but football is also about the love and passion for the game itself.  League Matters will satiate the lovers of the beautiful game across the board.


You know how this goes.  We talk to people in and around the world of football.  Since we began doing these podcasts we’ve taken some pride in our 93:20 specials.  Whether it’s Graham Hunter giving us the lowdown on Pep jettisoning Joe Hart or Marti Perarnau talking about the team’s tactical evolution or former City player Paul Lake talking about how much he’d have loved to play under Pep, the specials are exactly that.  Special for us because of the people who give up their time and bring is their expertise.


Back with a bang is something we tried last season.  On The Whistle will be 93:20’s own post match phone in!  The immediate, sometimes reactionary, thoughts direct from the ground and available within 2 hours of the final whistle.  Whether it’s Lloyd & Howard in a cafe in Piccadilly talking to each other, or one of them phoning into the 93:20 bunker, the thoughts and emotions will always be hot off the press.


Ours is a club rich in its own history.  These shows will serve to remind us all of that history.  Looking back at everything from memorable seasons to memorable managers to memorable matches.  No stone will be left unturned in helping bring these historical nuggets to light.  There’s a generation who won’t know anything about Horlock’s famous red card for ‘aggressive walking’ let alone the genius of Colin Bell. These shows are for you as much as they are for the nostalgia junkies amongst us.


Like it says on the tin.  Talk about transfers.  Co-pilot across the summer on these shows has been our favourite City writer across all platforms, goal.com‘s Sam Lee.  He’ll continue to be our go-to man for all transfer talk throughout August and into next season.  As soon as one window closes, the transfer team at City begins working on the next window, and we’ll be around doing much of the same.  Keeping an eye on the upcoming window, who City might need, and who they might be targeting.  For the transfer junkies, this show alone will be worth your subscription.



Interested in how our youngsters out on loan are developing?  Or maybe you’ve got a passion for the EDS and youth football in general.  TKAA will the pod for you.  Bringing you regular updates from keen watchers of youth football, this show will try and bridge the gap between the kids and the first team – as well as keeping a watchful eye on our loanees, especially the ones playing in La Liga for Girona FC and in the  Eredivisie for NEC Breda.


Got a football related question for the panel.  This is your show.  We’ll literally only talk about the things you ask and no football/City related subject is off limits.  Shout it out and we’ll take it on.

As the season unfolds we will no doubt trial other shows.  Our aim is to put out shows that we’d listen to and that we think you’ll listen to.  We’re always open to new ideas too so if you have an idea for a show we’ve not done you’re welcome to email us on podcasts@ninetythreetwenty.com.

Of course on top of all of these shows the 93:20 Friday show will remain part of our stable and will be FREE TO AIR and thus will require no paid subscription.  So if you don’t want to take up a paid subscription fear not as there will a show a week you can listen to.

Whether you listen to just the free podcasts, or our full range of content, you will need to register for membership. Signing up is simple, just click the link below to set up your membership details.  We’re not taking payments yet but when we do you’ll simply have to login to your member’s area and follow the instructions.

Rolling Monthly Billing – £4.00

6 month subscription – £20.00 (saving 16.67%)

12 month subscription – £40.00 (saving 16.67%)


All payments will be made via PAYPAL. If you are outside the UK currency will automatically be converted by PAYPAL or your local banking institution. Any other questions feel free to email us at subscriptions@ninetythreetwenty.com.

It’s important to note that the shows WILL NOT appear in Soundcloud.  You’ll be free to stream them from our website.  We’ll provide an RSS feed for any listeners who listen via podcast applications on iOS or Android devices. Once you’ve created an account, use the following RSS feed to subscribe via your native podcast applications (IOS or Android). Copy and paste this URL: http://ninetythreetwenty.com/player/podcast/ into the “add podcast” section of whatever application you use.  You’ll simply enter your username/password combination when prompted and the feed will automatically push podcasts through to your device.