By Howard Hockin | 16 November 2020

On Friday 20th November the 9320 podcast and friends will be hosting a 12-hour live podcast in aid of Manchester food banks.
Manchester food banks have provided an invaluable service to those that have struggled to get by during the most difficult of years. Behind the scenes, thousands of people across the UK volunteer much of their time and efforts to ensure that no one goes hungry, and this is especially true in the Manchester region. But as always, they need your support. With another push or two, we hope to reach the £50,000 target for donations as soon as possible. The service they provide is vital, with reports showing a 47% rise in food parcels issued in the UK between March and September.  Manchester Central alone has distributed 5000 parcels since the first lockdown, treble the number of last year. What’s more, food bank initiatives have seen fans from across many a divide come together for a wonderful and important cause.

Running from 9am to 9pm, we will be talking to a wide variety of guests, including a number of ex-City players, fellow blues and more. The day is not just about City though, and we’ll be checking in with fellow football fans and will take time to talk about life and other passions we all share, be it TV, film, books or Howard’s killer jambalaya recipe.

We’ll have some of our regular content, with a Friday show, quiz and numerous competitions during the day too, with fellow podcasters and City presenters from both sides of the “pond” dropping in to lend their support.

We hope that you can get involved on the day and enjoy the podcast.


If you would like to donate in the meantime, the link is below.


Thank you and have a great week everyone.